Part One

Is there a better way to celebrate your extra hour, thanks to daylight savings time, than going to Ikea and shopping for office furniture? Nope. I didn’t think so either. And so, in the spirt of explorers long-since removed from our world, I started out today on the trail of finding all the office furniture I’ll need for Customer Realty’s first office. My sidekick, an enthusiastic two-year-old, was willing to come along, provided I bribe him with a toy at the end of the trip.

I really enjoyed the trip, because it was an opportunity to visualize the future, right down to the ultramodern light fixtures and conference table. It’s a nice, welcome change to get to SEE your accomplishment. Or in this case, see what you’ll be accomplishing soon. Three hours, two hot dogs, and one large train set later, I think I at least have enough information collected to put together a plan.

For the office, I’m trying to build a modern workspace. One that is open, stylish, minimalist, and friendly. So I’d estimate that approximately 90% of what Ikea sells for office furniture would work fine, which will make the final selection process awesomely difficult.

What do we need? A surprising amount of items actually. One of the things that is difficult to realize, if you’ve always just worked in an office someone else put together, is just how much stuff is actually there. Office supplies. Printer. Copier. Paper. Toilet paper. Coffee maker. Conference table. Chairs. Desks. Sofa. Other chairs. Trash cans. Wall art. Desk chairs. Book shelves. File cabinets.

It’s a lot of stuff. Good thing we are getting a moving truck.

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