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The secret to marketing your home to sell quickly, at a great price.

Selling anything (including your home) requires the right combination of product, price, and exposure. In other words, do you have the right home, at the right price, and do potential buyers know about it? Young MomIf you can answer "yes" to each of these questions, then you've done your job.
Virtually all home sales now are the result of online advertising. Other ways to sell your home are much, much less likely to be effective (like advertising in newspapers). And most people know that… But how does it actually work? And how can you tell if it is done well?

Focus on the MLS listing. Nothing else comes close.

Decades ago, real estate agents joined together to create a service for the advertising of homes, each of their fellow agents. Usually, they worked together to create “books” of properties that were available, called the Multiple List Service or “MLS”. With the dawn of the internet, these books transformed into hundreds of separate online systems for home listings, systems that exist through the United States.

Virtually all regions in our country have at least one MLS. Many have more than one. Your agent should have a subscription to your local service and a license to practice real estate, which enables them to enter homes in your local MLS. Your local MLS will require your agent to enter in all kinds of information about your home- including details like number of rooms, types of rooms, appliances, fixtures, flooring, and other specifics. These can include room dimensions, property taxes, community information (like the HOA or utilities) and details about showing the home. All MLSs also give agents the opportunity to upload photos of the home.

The foundation of your home’s marketing is the entry of your home into your local MLS. It is the #1 most important thing that will sell your home.
Getting information about your home entered correctly, representing your property in the best possible way, is the most critically important part of selling your home, because the MLS is the source of all the information EVERYONE sees about your home online. Today, most homes entered in the MLS will go to major national websites, real estate agent websites, and real estate agents in the country. And if the real estate agent you work with is smart, information about your home will also be marketed across many parts of the world. If you choose to work with Customer Realty, we will distribute your home’s information not only across the United States, but also across the globe, since many buyers today originate oversees.

Tips to Help You Sell For More

  • List your home at a price that is “search friendly”.
    • Most people search for homes in a range- like $300,000 to $399,999. If you list your home for just a $1 above, at $400,000, you’ll miss a ton of possible buyers- because you were above a natural “break point” for search. We recommend always listing your home below a natural break point- like $399,000 instead of $400,000.
  • Photos are critical.
    • Your home photos are the number one thing potential buyers will review, when deciding to look at your home. You should have pictures of all the major areas of your home, including all major rooms, and they should be done well.
    • High-quality photography makes a big difference. Make sure your photos are well-lit, clear, and flattering. No people or pets should be in the photos. Make the spaces look as appealing as possible- Cleaning windows, for example, helps bring in the light and make spaces look larger.
  • The home description should be accurate and easy to read.
    • Agents have the opportunity to write about each home they list for sale- make sure they actually talk about your home and really highlight the best features of your home. Make sure there are no abbreviations, which are hard to understand. If your home has a great special feature, make sure it is highlighted. Ask to see the comments to the agents, as well as the public. Agents have separate comments that only they can read, in some MLSs.
  • List it for sale on a Thursday or a Friday morning.
    • Buyers typically tour homes during the weekend. To get the most buyers, list your home for sale on a Thursday or a Friday. They’ll have enough time to learn about it online, but not enough time to forget about it. Homes listed on Fridays can have 20% or more buyers visit, on average, than a home listed on a Monday.
  • Make it easy to tour your home.
    • Buyers want to be able to see your home as easily as possible, so help them get in as easily as possible. Make your home available to tour as much as you can, with the ability to tour every day for a long period of time, ideally from morning till evening. And don’t require a ton of “lead time”. Your home is for sale, have it ready to be shown in less than an hour, if possible.
  • Double-check everywhere your home needs to be seen.
    • Your home’s information should be shared across many different sites- including,,, and other major real estate search sites. Have your agent provide you with copies of your home’s listing on each of these major sites. Verify that the information shown is accurate and complete. At Customer Realty, we also will share your home’s information with sites across the world, making sure your home is visible to the greatest number of potential buyers.

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