Two Sandwiches for a Trip to the Yukon.

The title of this blog is from a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. Calvin and Hobbes start out on an epic journey to the Yukon. Morale is high. Supplies, however, are low. Day one, hour one…And they’ve already eaten one of the two sandwiches they packed for their journey to the heart of the wilderness.

I love the idea of setting out on a big journey. As children, we all dream big. And we act… sometimes without the necessary planning and supplies, but we go. We move. We see the world. It’s magical and beautiful.

Day one. Hour one… And they’ve already eaten one of two sandwiches they packed.

Something happens though, as we age. Many of us forget the central point of this small journey around our universe. To live our lives with purpose and meaning. To become the best version of ourselves.
Like Calvin, I’ve set out on an epic adventure. This company, Customer Realty, is my journey to the wilderness. It’s an interesting and thrilling adventure to try to develop a new way of doing something that’s been mostly the same for a really, really long time. I am creating a real estate brokerage company that is truly focused on customer service, by engineering it, from the ground up, to truly serve customers.

Buying or selling a home is one of the largest financial decisions most people ever make. If you make the right decision, you come home every day to a place that is well-suited to you, making each day a little bit brighter. You don’t have to worry as much about “paying the mortgage” because you got the right house- not too much, not too little. You can have an easier time sending your kids to college, or retiring when you’re ready, in part, because you made a smart decision with the biggest purchase of your life.

If I am successful in my journey, thousands, or maybe even millions, of people will have a better experience buying or selling their homes. It is a worthy goal, one worth a lifetime of work to solve. If I can substantially improve this process- one of life’s most stressful and financially impactful events- for both the client and the person helping them through it, I will have achieved my goal. I will know my work had meaning. And that is worth everything. It’s creative, challenging, exciting, and exhausting all at the same time. Kind of like heading to the Yukon.

Calvin and Hobbes didn’t make it to their destination in the end. But somehow, I don’t think that was really the point. They started the journey, the traveled, and they learned. And after their adventure, they were better for having the experience. I can only hope to achieve the same with my journey.

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