The Alexandria County area offers spectacular beauty amidst urban environs.

Introduction to Alexandria County

Alexandria County was once a part of the District of Columbia, and is thus known by the name Alexandria County D.C. It no longer exists as such and is now part of Arlington County. The independent city of Alexandria still exists, however.

Alexandria County’s Notable Features, Amenities and Events

Alexandria, the independent city, is just more than 15 square miles in size. It borders the Potomac River on the north. To the northwest is Arlington County. Fairfax County forms its border on the east.

This is a city defined by different neighborhoods, many of which are full of historic places. The city is, for the most part, very walkable, having plenty of shops and businesses located along its bustling streets.

Public transit is readily accessible from most of Alexandria. The DASH bus carries riders around the local area. The Washington Metro system and the Virginia Railway Express provide other commuter options. Alexandria Union Station is a very busy place, with trains from Amtrak, the Virginia Railway Express and, nearby, the Metro all converging here.

The major roadway through Alexandria is Route 7, also known as King Street. The city is also proximate to US Highway 1, Interstate 395 and the George Washington Memorial Parkway.

Alexandria is home to many national government agencies and related contractors. The Salvation Army, United Way, Citizens for the Republic, American Coalition for Coal and Electricity and numerous other non-governmental agencies also have headquarters in this area. The US Department of Commerce and Department of Defense are among the largest employers in the region, as well.

Typical Homes for Sale in Alexandria County

As is the case in most locations, homes for sale in Alexandria County get more expensive as one approaches the waterfront.

In this case, the waterfront is the Potomac River. The less expensive houses for sale can be found at the eastern and southern extremes of the area. Houses here tend to be compact and lot sizes small, but there are certainly exceptions to that rule.

Focus on Alexandria County

Alexandria county homes for sale are commonly located near or actually in historic districts.

Crystal City

Crystal City is home to condominium towers aplenty, and they offer some of the most luxurious houses for sale in Alexandria County. They tend to come with a lot of onsite amenities, making life generally easier. When you add to that the fact that they’re located in an area that’s very easy as far as transportation goes, the real estate gets even more attractive. Crystal City is interesting in that one can spend as much time below ground as above; it has extensive underground establishments and walkways.

Old Town Alexandria

This is the historic center of Alexandria and a very desirable neighborhood overall. Art, music, dining and more are all within walking distance, as are plenty of public transit stops. Many of the homes date to before the 1940s and there are plenty of townhouses to choose from, which offer some regional and historic flare.


This community features homes that mostly date from before 1950. They largely feature colonial style architecture, with simplicity reigning supreme in their aesthetics. There are also apartments available in this area.


Huntington is a quiet community—at least for the area—but it does have its advantages. Chief among them is the fact that homes here tend to cost quite a bit less than they do in nearby neighborhoods, so there’s an incentive for those who want something sizeable, but who also want a bargain. The homes here are largely duplexes. They tend to have two-bedroom designs more often than not. There are also townhouses in this area, some of them with three bedrooms, which come at higher prices than most of the duplexes. If you’re looking for Alexandria County homes for sale at a lower price point, this is a good place to start searching.