Just gorgeous: Old Town Alexandria’s Downtown

Introduction to Old Town Alexandria

Old Town Alexandria is located along the Potomac River. The name of the community is no exaggeration, and even visiting here opens up doors to some of the earliest days of the Republic.

Old Town Alexandria’s Notable Features, Amenities and Events

Old Town Alexandria is bordered by North West Street on the west, though it extends beyond that to The King Street Metro Station along Route 236. Cameron Street defines the north boundary of that extended portion of the neighborhood.

The northernmost boundary of the neighborhood is Pendleton Street, east of North Washington Street.

Old Town Alexandria is rife with historical attractions. Within the boundaries of the neighborhood, one can visit the house where General Robert E. Lee grew up. The Market Square is very old, having been in operation since the mid-1700s and is likely one of the oldest such locations in the US. Many residents go here for the Farmer’s Market, which is held every Saturday morning.

The town itself dates to the 1740s. There are plenty of places to explore and just about every building has some historical significance, including the many restaurants and galleries that attract people from all over the region. This city also has plenty of music and other entertainment to enjoy.

There is public transit available from this area, via the Washington Metro. The station is located on Washington Street.

Typical Homes for Sale in Old Town Alexandria

To the west of Washington Street are a great number of townhouses, which provide some of the most fashionable housing in the area. Being that the area is so historic, many of the structures are very traditional, with colonial designs predominating. This neighborhood is a desirable place to live, so properties can go quickly when they come on the market.

Focus on Old Town Alexandria

The homes for sale in Old Town Alexandria tend to be at the luxury end of price ranges, and many of them have a lot of historic appeal.

Despite the historic nature of the community, however, there was a great deal of development here between 1970 and 1999 and many of the houses date from that era. At least 20% of the properties, however, date from 1939 or earlier.

Homes for sale in Old Town Alexandria are three- and four-bedroom units, for the most part, with a smaller percentage being one- or two-bedroom designs.

At least 80% of the homes for sale in Old Town Alexandria are townhomes, and the streets lined with their traditional fronts are irresistible for some buyers. The population here is very dense, so space is at a premium.

Del Ray

The Del Ray Neighborhood has plenty of variety among the homes available, and there are some less pricey options, despite the desirability of this area. Del Ray homes for sale include some row houses, most of which are of an older vintage. There are plenty of smaller single-family detached homes, however, and this is one of the better places to look for Victorians. There are also bungalow designs and the colonial architecture that dominates is well represented here.

These homes date from up until around the 1980s, for the most part. The prices here can vary quite a bit, with townhouses generally being the less expensive options. There are certainly luxury houses in the neighborhood, however, and some historic ones, as well. Lot sizes tend to be small, and many of these homes have been renovated and improved.

Old Town

Old town includes a mix of housing, just like Del Ray, and you’ll find row houses, single-family detached homes and more. There are also apartments and condominium properties available.

Old Town prices tend to be a bit higher than average for the area. You’ll find plenty of colonial townhouses lining the streets here, and they can fetch a fair sum on the market. Predictably, lot sizes are small, but it’s the sense of style and history that really draw people to this neighborhood, and it offers both in abundance.