Rosslyn’s impressive skyline in Arlington County

The U.S. Marine Corps Monument in Arlington

Introduction to Arlington County

Arlington County has a very dense population, with more than 225,000 people calling its 26 square miles home. It is part of the Commonwealth of Virginia and is a very large cityscape in and of itself.

Many people local to the area will use the terms Arlington and Arlington County interchangeably.

This is a very popular location for many reasons, among the most significant being its economic stability and might.

Arlington County’s Notable Features, Amenities and Events

Like many places near Washington D.C., Arlington County boasts many entries on the National Register of Historic Places.

Some of the areas in this county are designated for historical preservation.

Arlington County is home to many different federal government agencies, including the Department of Defense, the US Marshall Service, the Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Science Foundation and many others. These, along with other government agencies and well-established businesses, are major employers. This county boasts a very low unemployment rate and a magnificently healthy economy overall.

In fact, publications such as BusinessWeek have noted that Arlington County has one of the most recession-proof economies in the entire nation!

Arlington County is home to some of the most significant landmarks and historical monuments in the US. Arlington National Cemetery, of course, is located here, as are many military monuments. The Iwo Jima memorial, officially the US Marine Corps War memorial, is located here. This is also home to the Pentagon.


Arlington County has plenty of public transit, provided by the Washington Metro system. There are many car commuters, as well, who travel along Interstates 66 and 395, which have accommodations to handle the sometimes heavy traffic. The George Washington Memorial Parkway also passes through Arlington County, and is a major transit route.

In addition to public transit options, Arlington County has other green choices for transit, including cab companies that provide rides in hybrid vehicles, helping to cut down on pollution.

If you want to explore the historic environs in a more natural way, there are miles of walking and biking trails located in this county and it’s a great way to see some of the most important locations in the US.

Typical Homes for Sale in Arlington County

Homes for sale in Arlington County tend to reflect the very densely populated, urban nature of the environment.

There are many condominium and apartment complexes located throughout Arlington. This is one of the few areas in the region where you’ll find high-rise towers, as well, and some of them offer spectacular views, in addition to modern and very luxurious housing.

Between easy access to public transit and plenty of walkable areas, homes for sale in Arlington County afford many people the opportunity to live in a bustling metropolis and commute to work without ever having to get in a car.

Focus on Arlington County

Below are some of the most well-known and popular neighborhoods to look for homes for sale in Arlington County.


Ballston is situated in a bustling area with plenty of businesses, restaurants and other diversions. There are many condominium properties in this neighborhood and houses for sale in Ballston can go quickly. There are numerous complexes here, some of which have very large floorplans and others with smaller designs. Modern properties dominate the market, with the majority of these Arlington County homes for sale being built since the year 2000.


Clarendon is another of the popular neighborhoods in which people are constantly seeking Arlington County housing. It can move very quickly, and it’s no wonder why, given that this neighborhood has great public transit access, enjoys close proximity to Washington D.C. and has plenty to do within its own borders. Many of the houses for sale in Clarendon are in condominium complexes, which typically feature a host of onsite amenities for residents.


Rosslyn has great condo complexes located within it and it’s a popular place to call home. Given that most homes for sale in Rosslyn feature easy access to public transit, commercial establishments, restaurants and much more, it’s easy to see why so many people want to live here. Arlington County homes for sale here can move very quickly, despite the sometimes higher prices.