Public transport in Clarendon is modern and efficient.

Introduction to Clarendon

Clarendon is a neighborhood in Arlington. It runs from Wilson Boulevard on the north to Arlington Boulevard in the south. Washington Boulevard defines its western edge and North Courthouse Road the east. This area has many condominium complexes, which comprise most of the homes for sale in Clarendon.

Clarendon’s Notable Features, Amenities and Events

Clarendon is bustling and active, with many restaurants and nightlife spots to explore. It is generally a trendy place to live. It is also particularly notable for its convenient access to public transit.

The Clarendon Metro station is part of the Orange Line and is one of the most significant features in the neighborhood.

Shopping options include Whole Foods and Market Common Clarendon.

Clarendon is well-known for the many festivals that take place over the course of the year. The Neighborhood Day Parade takes place in May. It also holds Clarendon Day in October, which is the largest festival in the city.

The city is also host to the CSC Invitational, a very popular bike race.

Every Wednesday from the spring through December, residents can go to the Farmers Market, which is held in Central Park and offers a wide variety of foods and plenty of other hand-crafted items for sale.

Typical Homes for Sale in Clarendon

Clarendon homes for sale are largely condominium properties, though there are some townhouses available, as well. The complexes tend to have a variety of amenities on site, including parking. Those that offer easy access to the Metro station can move fast on the market.

The homes for sale in Clarendon often include association fees with their price. Their convenient location makes them very desirable. Many of them are located in high-rise or mid-rise developments.

This area is very densely populated, so it’s easy to find whatever you need, no matter where you happen to live. The homes here can come onto and go off the market rapidly, so it’s important to really keep an eye on the listings for Clarendon homes if you want to live in this neighborhood.

Focus on Clarendon

People seeking homes for sale in Clarendon should check to make sure there is parking if they need it. They should also look into mixed-use developments, as some of these properties have stores and other amenities located right on the grounds.

Clarendon 1021

Clarendon 1021 is located at 1021 Garfield Street North. It is a condominium property with more than 400 residences. It is very convenient to public transportation. Like many of the properties offering homes for sale in Clarendon, this one includes on-site amenities. Residents can take advantage of a swimming pool, located on the roof of the building. There is also a fitness center. Clarendon 1021 offers full concierge services, as well. This property dates from 2005 and has 10 stories in total.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix offers homes for sale in Clarendon on Highland Street north. It is an 11-story complex with nearly 200 units. This building is mixed use, with some of the space being dedicated to offices. It also has a shopping area on the ground floor level, providing plenty to do right on the site. This community also features a swimming pool on the roof and an exercise center. There is parking available in a garage and the complex is very convenient to the public transit station.