Exciting, urban environs characterize Rosslyn.

Introduction to Rosslyn

Rosslyn sits right next to the Potomac. Its southern boundary is defined by Wildon Boulevard and its northern and eastern boundaries by Interstate 66. The western extreme of the neighborhood extends to Rhodes Street. The neighborhood falls under ZIP Code 22209

Rosslyn Notable Features, Amenities and Events

Rosslyn is one of the most bustling areas in Arlington. It not only contains plenty of nightlife and commercial destinations, but also some of the most well-known monuments in the nation, including the Marine Corps War Memorial. It’s also one of the best places to watch the National Fireworks Display on the Fourth of July.

The Rosslyn area is rich with community events.

Film lovers can see the best of independent cinema at the Washington D.C. Independent Film Festival. The spring brings even more cinema-themed festivals and, when the summer rolls around, a large and fun film festival, the Rosslyn Outdoor Film Festival, comes to town.

Music is also a big draw in the city, with a Jazz festival taking place in the summer, sometimes attracting guests numbering as many as 10,000 fans.

Rosslyn is also full of practical amenities, of course, including many transportation facilities. The major roadways provide easy transport by car, and the Rosslyn Metro station is an important hub for public transit. There are plenty of places to explore on two wheels or as a pedestrian, including the Custis Trail, the Mount Vernon Trail and the Potomac Heritage Trail.

Typical Homes for Sale in Rosslyn

Rosslyn has a significant number of condominium homes for sale in the neighborhood, many of them located in high-rises. There are, in fact, more than 6000 different homes for sale in Rosslyn, and this is one of the most desirable places to live in Arlington County. Some of these condominium units are located in what are among the tallest buildings in the entire Washington Metro area.

Focus on Rosslyn

Rosslyn is very densely populated and a major center of commerce.It’s definitely a place where you need to pay close attention to the homes for sale. Rosslyn properties can move fast, because it’s the perfect place to call home for some people.

The Bromptons

This development features townhouses. They are located on Quinn Street and feature relatively large floor plans for the area. They have garages capable of accommodating two vehicles and the units themselves have three- and four-bedroom designs. There are fewer than 20 units in total. They are very convenient to public transportation.

Rosslyn Heights

Located on North Nash Street, these properties date from the 1950s. They offer easy access to public transportation and are notable for their views. These are brick houses and they feature smaller floor plans, with one- or two-bedroom designs. These condominium units are also very convenient to some of the most notable monuments in Arlington.

Turnberry Tower

This tower condominium complex is one of the most distinctive elements of the Rosslyn skyline. It ascends to 26 stories and is luxurious throughout. Condominium homes for sale in this Rosslyn development feature upscale finishes, floor plans that get up to three bedrooms at the largest and that even come with separate quarters for staff. Balconies are included with some of the units. This tower, given its height, offers incredible views. On site, there are a host of amenities to choose from, including a concierge service, a swimming pool and more. Parking is not only available, but handled by valets.