Burke Centre is a hub of the community.

Introduction to Burke

Burke is located close to Fairfax Station and is bounded on its southwestern side by Route 286. Route 645 bisects Burke. Burke Lake Park lies immediately to the southwest, providing ready access to recreational facilities.

Burke has the distinction of being the largest community in Virginia, excepting cities and counties. There are nearly 60,000 people who call Burke home.

Burke’s Notable Features, Amenities and Events

People seeking homes for sale in Burke will find many advantages to living here. The Virginia Railway Express has two stations located in the community: Rolling Road and Burke Centre. Bus access is also convenient.

For those who love the outdoors, Burke Lake Park is the best place to be. It offers well over 800 acres of recreational options, including camping, running and other sports. There’s also a golf course and, for those who want to get out on the water, boat rentals are available.

Burke has neighborhoods, profiled below, as well as planned communities. Burke Centre is the largest of the planned communities. It is managed by the Burke Centre Conservancy and comprises nearly 17,500 people at present. With 1,700 acres and nearly 6,000 homes within it, it’s a very popular place.

Burke Centre has swimming facilities spread across five different community centers. A Racquet Club is also available.

Typical Homes for Sale in Burke

Homes in Burke include stately colonials and more contemporary designs. Garages are common and lot sizes can range from very small to expansive properties with large lots and gorgeous landscaping. This is particularly true in the more expensive subdivisions.

Because the area is so populous, Burke homes for sale comprise many options, from townhouses to condominiums to single-family homes in attractive suburban settings.

Focus on Burke

Burke offers a nice range of median home values between its various neighborhoods. The most expensive lie to the south of Burke, with Five Forks and the Burke Lake Road and Wilmington Drive subdivisions having relatively high median prices for housing. Roberts Parkway and Burke Commons Road have less expensive houses, as does Fred’s Road and Steamboat Landing Lane.

Burke Overlook

Burke homes for sale in this subdivision are townhouse designs, which date to the mid-1980s. The homes are three levels and feature assigned parking. The community consists of sixty homes in total. The houses in this development have floor plans of over 1300 square feet.

Village Townhouses

This development, of course, features townhouses. These are three-level designs and come with assigned parking. The building was done in the mid-1980s. The architectural style in Village Townhouses is Victorian. In addition to being close to several different local parks, this community is located with in close proximity of a railway station, providing commuter options.

Burke Lake Meadow

The Burke homes for sale here are single-family, detached units with large lots. The homes date from the late 1980s. The designs are colonial and the lots are a quarter of an acre. They come with garages with space for two cars. This community is located conveniently to Burke Lake Road.

Burke Chase

This community features lot sizes of one-quarter acre. The homes are single-family detached models. They have colonial designs and have brick exteriors on the front, in some cases, though there are models with siding exteriors all around, as well. The homes date from the late 1990s and the community is among the smaller ones here, with only sixteen homes in Burke Chase.

Wooded Glen

Wooded Glen includes eighty residences, with both townhouses and single-family homes. The designs are colonial. The detached units sit on quarter-acre lots and have single-car garages or assigned parking. The homes are part of two different HOAs, depending upon whether they’re townhouse designs or single-family detached designs. They date from the mid-1980s and are broken up into three clusters of housing.