The Observation Tower at the Udvar-Hazy Center.

Introduction to Chantilly

Chantilly has just more than 20,000 residents and is a smaller town geographically speaking, with approximately 12 sq. miles of land in total. It includes the 20151, 20152 and 20153 zip codes within its borders.

Chantilly homes for sale offer a relatively easy commute to Washington D.C., as it’s located a little more than 20 miles from the center of the metropolitan area.

Chantilly is bordered by Interstate 66 on the south, Sully Road on the West, is close to Dulles International Airport in the north and is bisected east to west by the Lee-Jackson Memorial Highway.

Chantilly’s Notable Features, Amenities and Events

Chantilly is notably the home of the National Reconnaissance Office.

Chantilly has plenty of transportation available. US-50 and VA-28 are both major routes through the town, providing easy transportation. The Chantilly Crossing Shopping Center is located at the intersection of those two routes, providing plenty of shops to peruse. The Dulles Expo Center is also located nearby.

The International Country Club is located along US-50, toward the east, and Flat Lick Stream Valley Park is located just south of US-50.

Chantilly boasts good school districts, one of its main attractions.

Typical Homes for Sale in Chantilly

There is plenty of variety among Chantilly homes for sale, including townhouses, smaller single-family homes and estate properties with large lots. The most expensive subdivisions are located on the western side of the city; the least expensive on the east.

Most of the homes here are single-family detached units that were built in the 1970s-1990s. As you’ll see below, the prices can vary considerably for Chantilly real estate, depending upon the neighborhood, but the median price for homes in Chantilly hovers around the middle six-figure level.

Focus on Chantilly

Here are some of the most notable subdivisions and neighborhoods you’ll want to check for Chantilly homes for sale.

Walney Road and Walney Park Drive

Homes for sale in the Walney Road and Walney Park Drive neighborhoods are among the most expensive in Chantilly. They include many three- and four-bedroom single-family homes on large lots, but there are also townhomes for sale in the area. This neighborhood tends to have a low inventory and demand is high. Lots can be more than one acre; multi-story colonial and contemporary designs are popular. Garages are common and many of these homes are located on cul-de-sacs with woods immediately nearby. Median home values tend toward the upper six figures.

South Riding

Located nearby Walney Road and Walney Park Drive, homes for sale in South Riding have a slightly lower median price than the former subdivision. Some very stately houses are available here, with multiple floors, brick exteriors and wonderful colonial designs. Some of the homes feature large lots, with half-acres and more being common. Ornate, landscaped driveways are also available. Townhomes and condos are usually multiple-bedroom designs, with 1,000 sq. ft. lots or larger

Mink Meadows Street and Rachel Hill Drive

Located on the southern end of Chantilly, these homes tend to be in the mid six-figure range. Think of townhouses with multi-car garages and large square footages and you’ll have the right idea. Some of them feature amenities such as decks and fireplaces.

Lee Jackson Memorial Highway

This has among the lowest median prices for homes for sale in Chantilly. Located close to the Dulles International Airport, it’s convenient for transportation and includes many larger single-family homes. Four- and five-bedroom homes are not uncommon here. The houses date mostly from the 1970s onward, with low vacancy rates.

Chantilly Place

This community has fewer than 20 homes available, but they are larger properties set on .1 acre lots. Most of them are built in the colonial style and brick exteriors are the norm. This is located close to The International Country Club.