Lorton boasts modern and readily available public transportation options, giving it advantages for commuting.

Introduction to Lorton

Lorton is located south of Alexandria and is notable for its deep historical significance. It is also very popular with boaters, as it gives easy access to Belmont Bay via Interstate 95.

Lorton is approximately 13 square miles in size and includes the ZIP codes 22079 and 22199. The total population is just fewer than 19,000, making this one of the smaller areas in Fairfax County. It’s located toward the southeastern tip of the county itself, bordering the Occoquan River.

Lorton’s Notable Features, Amenities and Events

Lorton gives very good access to waterways, making it ideal for partaking in nautical pastimes. It’s also close to major roadways, including I-95, making it convenient for transportation. Route 123 is also readily accessible.

There’s an Amtrak station in Lorton that runs a line all the way to Florida.

Where Lorton Road and Lorton Market Street intersect, residents can find plenty of shopping and services. The Gunston Plaza shopping center is also a major hub of commercial activity.

Lorton has a VRE station, which can take residents all the way to Washington D.C. The Fairfax connector bus and Vamoose bus provide other transportation options.

The school district includes six elementary schools and two high schools.

Typical Homes for Sale in Lorton

Lorton homes mostly date from the 1970s to the late 1990s, but there are a substantial number of newer homes in the area, as well. Larger homes, having three or more bedrooms, are also very common.

There is a very large number of townhouses in Lorton, many featuring a federal building style.Single family homes and complexes are also very common.

The median price for homes for sale in Lorton hovers around the mid six-figure range, though it may vary depending upon precisely where in Lorton the home is located. The most expensive neighborhoods include Gunston Heights and Gunston Manor, located in the east and nearest the water.

Focus on Lorton

Lorton homes for sale include a great deal of variety. Here are some of the neighborhoods and developments of note, though there are many others to explore, with a range of price options.

Gunston Heights and Gunston Manor

Located close to the water, this is the most expensive real estate market in Lorton. This area is very much dominated by free-standing, single-family homes. There are some spectacular lots in this area, some of them over ten acres in size, with prices commensurate with the size of the estate.

Hunter Estates

These homes are in the six-figure range, with large lots and numerous beds and baths. Lot sizes are generally around one acre, though some are larger. These tend to be very stately colonial style homes, some of recent vintage but keeping with the time-honored traditional style of real estate in this area. Townhouses in the federal style are also available, as are colonial style properties.

Pohick Estates

Pohick Estates homes for sale tend to be more contemporary in style and prices in the middle six figures are not at all uncommon. Lot sizes tend to be around one-third acre. Multi-level townhouses are available here, some of which have small yards.

Town Center

Town Center homes for sale have a lower median price than average for the region. Most of them date from 2000 or later and townhomes are the predominant form of real estate for sale in this part of Lorton. Three and four-bedroom designs are very popular. Despite the name of this part of the city, it’s very suburban in feel and it’s very walkable.