Introduction to Reston Real Estate

Reston, Virginia comprises just more than 17 square miles of land, located in the northwestern part of Fairfax County. This is a planned community, which was established in 1964. It is particularly notable for the large amount of office space available and is a center of business and government activity.

Reston was part of the New Town movement, which emphasized creating communities that provided a very high quality of life and that actively encouraged people to become lifelong residents.  Many homes in Reston are contemporary in style.  This is unique in the Washington D.C. area- very few contemporary homes are found in suburban markets in our region.

Reston includes ZIP Codes 20190, 20191 and 20194.

Reston’s Notable Features, Amenities and Events

Reston has regular events that occur throughout the year. During the spring and fall months, residents enjoy the Farmers Market. There are also annual races, a community festival and the Reston Town Center holds a parade the day after Thanksgiving.

For those who want to find something to do outside of Reston itself, Tysons Corner is not far away. The Dulles Toll Road is easily accessible, providing a very direct route into Washington D.C. for those who commute.

The Hidden Creek Country Club and Lake Fairfax Park provide recreational opportunities. The Reston National Golf Course is also located along Route 602, just south of the Dulles Access Road.

One of the remarkable things about Reston is that, because of how it’s planned out, it has a significant amount of parkland for its size, plenty of places to go swimming in public pools and a lot of trails on which to hike or run.

Residents of Reston are located in a special tax district. This tax district is specifically set up to fund the Reston Community Center, which provides a host of amenities. Located at Hunters Woods Center, this community center includes a swimming pool, meeting rooms, a ballroom and even a Jacuzzi.

Reston is also notable for having a very strong music and theater community. Lake Anne Plaza and the Reston Town Center both have free concerts available during the summer.

This is a very friendly community for getting around on foot or bicycle. There are many trails dedicated to nonmotorized vehicles.

Typical Homes for Sale in Reston

Because this is a planned community, the majority of homes were built during the same era, between 1970 and the end of the 20th century. There are very few historic homes for sale located in Reston.

Row houses are more numerous than single-family detached houses in Reston, and apartment complexes are common, many of them high-rises. Where size is concerned, most houses in Reston are two bedroom designs, with an almost equal number of three-bedroom homes available.

Not surprisingly, the condominium units in Reston tend to be very well thought out, just as is the city itself, with plenty of amenities on site.

Focus on Reston

Reston homes for sale have plenty to offer. Here is a sampling of the areas to consider.

Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill has seventy-seven homes in total. The community was completed in 2004, but the first houses started going up in 1988. The neighborhood has both detached single-family units and townhouses. This subdivision features lakefront views. The townhouses are located in Beacon Heights and the single-family detached units in Beacon Place.

Clubhouse Court

This is a smaller subdivision, with just more than ten townhouses in it. The homes here date from the 1980s and come with one- or two-car garages. These are larger townhouses, with three floors. The designs are contemporary and they feature exteriors that incorporate both brick and siding.

Reston Town Center

Near the Reston Town Center, you’ll find many townhouses and attached row houses for sale, as well as high-rise and mid-rise apartments within the Town Center itself.  All located in the heart of Reston, the area between Fairfax County Parkway, Sunset Hills Road, Reston Parkway and Barron Cameron Avenue has a high concentration real estate and is the center of it all in Reston.