A luxury property in Springfield, VA

Introduction to Springfield

Springfield has a population of more than 30,000 people. It is a small area, with a total size of less than 8 square miles. The most significant feature in this area is the interchange where the Capital Beltway meets up with I-95 and I-395. There are four ZIP Codes in Springfield: 22150, 22151, 22152 and 22153.

While the interchange is a notable feature, the town itself is centered on the intersection of Old Keene Mill Road and Franconia Road. The northern part of the city holds the Fort Belvoir National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.

Springfield’s Notable Features, Amenities and Events

The Springfield Town Center was once a major retail destination for the population, but was recently bought and reopened as a mixed-use area, containing both residential spaces and offices.

The major interchange in the city is called the Springfield Interchange.

Springfield has bus service from both the Fairfax Connector bus and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. The Virginia Railways Express provides a commuting solution. Train service is also provided by the Washington Metro.

Typical Homes for Sale in Springfield

Many of the homes for sale in Springfield were built between 1990 and 2009, though a significant number of them were built between 1950 and 1979, as well. Homes from the 1980s are rarer. Single unit, detached homes are the norm, though there are many complexes in the area that have 20 or more units. Lot sizes vary according to location and the type of home, with row houses having very small, less than .05 acre lots in some cases and larger homes having more space.

Focus on Springfield

Springfield has a variety of architectural styles, ranging from ramblers to colonial homes to row houses. Homes for sale in Springfield can vary considerably by neighborhood. One might seek a federal style row house on Franconia Road or in the Bakers Crossroads neighborhood, or a detached colonial on Southampton Drive. There are plenty of options. Neighborhoods that provide a good cross section of the homes available in Springfield follow.

Lakewood Hills and Lake Forest

This subdivision is known by both names. The homes here date from the 1970s. The architectural styles vary quite a bit. Split-foyers and split-levels, as well as the familiar colonial designs and rambler styles are all represented. This is a larger subdivision, with more than 1,000 homes in total and plenty of amenities, including green space to get out and relax. This community also has quite a bit to offer commuters in that it’s convenient to some of the most popular mass transit options, including a bus route that can take riders all the way to the Pentagon.

Pohick Hills

Pohick Hills has predominantly three- and four-bedroom houses, most of them single-family detached units. The vast majority were built during the last three decades of the 20th century. This subdivision includes the Middle Run Stream Valley Park, providing recreational options. The South Run Stream Valley Park is located just south of Pohick road.

Fairfax Park

Homes for sale in this Springfield neighborhood have a median price in the middle six-figure range. The homes consist of mostly single-family detached designs, though there are row houses available, as well. This neighborhood is bordered on the south by the Pohick Creek Stream Valley Park, providing a nice recreational option for residents. It is also close to the Springfield Golf and Country Club.

Springfield Town Center

The Town Center is one of the less high-priced areas of Springfield to check for homes for sale, with a median home price in the mid six figures. It is located near the junction of Interstate 95, 395 and 495. That close proximity to major traffic arteries gives this neighborhood a desirable advantage. Lot sizes here tend to be smaller, but houses with four bedrooms and off street parking are not uncommon.