Just one of the historic buildings in Round Hill, this one dates from the late 1800s.

Introduction to Round Hill

Round Hill homes for sale offer some separation from the hustle and bustle of the city, in a charming setting. There are just fewer than 540 residents in this small town, which lies in the far northern part of Loudoun County.

Round Hill takes its name from an elevation located to the northeast of the city, which saw some use as a signaling station during the Civil War. Its location, about 50 miles away from Washington D.C, once made it a popular retreat, but the population of the nearby areas have been growing over recent decades.

Round Hill’s Notable Features, Amenities and Events

Round Hill is close to the Shannondale Springs Wildlife area, located just across the border with West Virginia. It’s also close to Purcellville; just a short drive along Route 7 will get you there.

The town has a long history as a getaway destination for people who live in Washington D.C. Some of the homes for sale in Round Hill were once commercial establishments, catering to the crowds that wanted to get away from the nation’s capital when a holiday came around. The fantastic scenery around town is one of the main attractions, and clearly played a role in bringing people from neighboring counties when they wanted a break from the constant activity of big city life.

Over the years, this area has become more densely populated and more of a part of the D.C. area on the whole. The city still retains its charm, however, and it has many historic areas to visit, including the Round Hill Historic District and Woodgrove.

Typical Homes for Sale in Round Hill

Many of the homes for sale in Round Hill are colonial and traditional designs. This isn’t a huge market, with the Census Bureau listing 197 housing units total in the city. Most of them were built before 1980, though there was a spurt of building in the 1990s. There were fewer than twenty houses built between 2000 and 2009.

The vast majority of homes for sale in Round Hill are single-family, detached units. There are only two attached units listed in the city and there are fifteen residences that have between five and nine units.

The single-family homes tend to be larger and two-car garages are common. Many of them have three- and four-bedroom floor plans, more than 2000 square feet of space and large lots. Despite the small number of homes for sale in Round Hill, the population here has grown considerably over the last ten years.

Focus on Round Hill

Round Hill is small, and homes for sale are generally located within the same area, just northwest of Purcellville. Route 7 runs along the southern border, Route 719 runs north to south through the town, right through the center. Loudoun Street runs through the center of town, as well. There’s a grocery store and other amenities located in the town center.

The Woodlands at Round Hill

The Woodlands at Round Hill lives up to its name. Round Hill homes for sale here enjoy an environment that feels a bit rural, surrounded by forest. The homes here are set on large lots, up to five acres in size and three acres at a minimum. The houses are large, providing a very upscale, luxury feel.